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Walking in Rhythm with the Blackbyrds

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If you were messing around at Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C., you knew the Blackbyrds!

Inspired by their teacher and trumpeter Donald Byrd, five Howard University students started an R&B / jazz-funk fusion group in D.C. in 1973. The original band was:

Kevin Toney - keyboards

Keith Killgo - vocals, drums

Joe Hall - bass guitar

Allan Barnes - saxophone, clarinet

Barney Perry - guitar

Their hit "Walking in Rhythm" reached #3 on the charts in 1976 and reached a million copies sold! Most importantly, they played on the Barry Richards Rock'n'Soul show in 1976 performing "Do It, Fluid" & "Walking in Rhythm".

The transfer is a bit rough, so if you want to listen to a cleaner version of Walking in Rhythm, check out the links below.

Walking in Rhythm

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